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Of MedSpas and Spider Veins

If you have recently done any research on getting rid of your spider veins in time to wear your summer clothes; you may have heard the term "MedSpa" crop up. Med Spas combine the best of both worlds - a spa and a cosmetic medical treatment center...all set in a relaxing, pampering setting. Learn more about some of the treatments you can receive and consider treating yourself to a day, or more; and coming home refreshed and more self-confident. Continue reading

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Web-Free at last

ACK! Spider vein webs... If you are tired of, or worried about your spider veins, there are several treatments that could leave you 'web-free' by summer. To start, contact a local vein specialist - who will assess your condition to make certain there are no underlying issues.and discuss your options for choosing the best method of treatment for you. Hello Summer Fashions! Continue reading

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Get a Leg Up on Summer

Spring is coming and Summer is just around the corner. Time to stop covering up those spider veins and start wearing the clothes that show off your legs. No one wants to bundle up when it's hot out, or be embarrassed to bare their legs. It is easy enough to have them removed, so why wait? Schedule an appointment with a spider vein specialist and get a leg up on Summer! Continue reading

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